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We have tons of experience finding competitive quotes from some of the most trusted lenders in the country. Let us find the finance option that is right for you, and let you do what you do best – run your business. We can help lease a variety of capital equipment, including; Vehicles, Production Equipment and Telecoms Systems.

Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it keeps the asset ‘off balance sheet’ and offers the following key benefits:

  • Provides immediate use of the asset without paying upfront.
  • Frees up working capital and bank loan facilities for other uses.
  • Can structure the lease contract for different lengths of time. 
  • Sale & Leaseback allows you to release capital in assets you already own.
  • Tax efficient structure.


IT & Telecoms

IT & telecommunications are important tools for businesses. They enable companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. They also allow for the safe and secure storage of large amounts of information, and for employees to collaborate remotely.

We can help you secure funding your all of your IT & Telecoms systems, allowing your business to flourish without the stress of financial trouble.


At 313 Commercial we are passionate about education, and that is why we are extremely proud of our partnerships with certain schools that come back to us time and time again for expert advice on funding equipment.

Here are some of the things that we can do for you:

  • Arrange Operating Leases to comply with funding guidelines.
  • Defer payments to tie in with budgets.
  • Tailor payments to meet budgets.
  • Technology refresh options.
  • Provide you with highly competitive end of term arrangements.
  • Finance the entire IT network, including training and installation, services and licenses.
  • Master Facilities for phased draw downs of equipment.
  • Assistance with procurement of assets.
  • Laptops for Parents Schemes.

Vehicles & Plant

We can help you secure funding to buy, hire or lease essential vehicles & plant equipment for your business. Speak to us about what type of machinery you require and we can find the perfect funding solution for you.

Our Services

We are a one stop shop for all of your business and commercial finance needs. We can offer help and advice for a wide range of queries, such as property development, new business loans and factoring. Find a full list of our services below.


Loan Calculator

Use our loan and mortgage calculator to quickly get an estimated idea of what you will owe when taking out a specific loan or mortgage. Please note that the results generated from our calculators are estimates only.


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